Business outlook and financial position

Even better times are just around the corner! That is the overall message that the responses to the survey questions tell us. According to the participating Swedish CFOs, business conditions for their companies during the next six months are at a new six-year high, as even more CFOs lean towards favorable conditions. Meanwhile the CFOs have a generally optimistic view of their companies’ financial position, although it is slightly less positive than in the spring survey.

Business conditions

  • Business conditions continued to improve, which is visible both in the subindex, which rose to 57.6 from 55.8, and in the net balance (NB), which rose to 64 percent from 52 percent.
  • Swedish CFOs also remain far more optimistic than their euro zone peers (NB 38 percent) as well as their Nordic peers except Finland (average NB 42 percent and Finland 75 percent).
  • The Manufacturing sector stands out, with 100 percent of responding CFOs viewing business conditions as favorable while Consumer Business and Transportation (CB&T) is the least optimistic sector.
  • Four of the six sectors used in the survey improved their view of business conditions − Life Science and Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) by quite much − while the gap between these and the less favorable views in the CB&T and Other sectors was rather small.

Financial position

  • The financial position subindex, at 56.2, and a net balance (NB) of 53.0 percent show that CFOs still hold a generally positive view of the financial position of their own company.
  • However, their view reversed some of the large improvement seen in the spring survey.
  • There is still a large spread between different sectors, with the Financial Services industry and Life Science as the most positive while Other and Consumer Business & Transportation are the least positive.
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