Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey

What is on the mind of Swedish CFOs?

Fall 2017 results

Swedish CFOs express an expansive agenda

The fall 2017 Deloitte SEB CFO Survey reveals a continued very positive sentiment in large Swedish companies. In a Nordic and European perspective, Swedish CFOs still stand out as generally more optimistic. The overall CFO index shows an increase to 59.9 from a solid 58.2 in spring 2017. This is the highest level since February 2011.

Macro-related concerns are declining this fall and CFOs expect their companies to take more expansive actions than before. It seems that skilled labor shortages are becoming more widespread across sectors, possibly pushing salaries and inflation upward but also possibly leading to bottlenecks that could slow growth.

Hot Topics

In this section we present current questions specific for each survey.


Interest rates

78 percent of CFO’s expect higher SEK interest rates over the next 12 months.

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General Data Protection Regulation

The vast majority of companies are somewhat prepared for GDPR.

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Cyber threats

The level of cyber security awareness is not yet in line with the level of the threats at hand.

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Explore recurring themes

In this section you will find recurring themes that show trends over time.

Business outlook and financial position

Business conditions during the next six months are at a new six-year high, but with a small decline in financial position.

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Strategic opportunities

CFOs have an expansive agenda this fall, and 90 percent expect M&A activity to remain high or increase even more.

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Financing and risk

The lending attitude of financial institutions is at its highest level since economic uncertainty has fallen to more normal levels.

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Prospects and concerns

The overall level of concern has fallen but shortages of skilled labor have now developed into a major concern among CFOs.

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