Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey

What is on the mind of Swedish CFOs?

Spring 2018 results

Increasing optimism, but momentum is slowing

In the Spring 2018 edition of the Deloitte SEB CFO Survey the good times continue, but the upward trend is slowing somewhat. Swedish CFOs are among the most optimistic in the European Union in terms of a clear investment and hiring agenda where organic growth is a top priority, while shortages of skilled professionals has become their main concern. Looking ahead, Swedish CFOs have become more upbeat regarding their financial prospects compared to three months ago, though lagging behind their Nordic and EU peers. Sweden is coming from a situation of high economic growth while for other EU and Nordic countries, growth is still on the rise.

Business conditions vary significantly across economic sectors, and despite the current turmoil in the Swedish residential building sector, Construction industry CFOs are still highly optimistic. The survey also shows that to a fair extent, digital technologies are starting to be integrated into their companies’ strategic decision-making.

Hot Topics

In this section we present current questions specific for each survey.


CFOs view about risks to the global economy

We asked Swedish CFOs to rate 12 risks to the global economy based on the likelihood that they occur and the impact it could have on their company.

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Digital technologies

Digital technologies are starting to be integrated into strategic decision-making, and the overall message is that investments will increase in all areas.

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General Data Protection Regulation

Vast majority of companies are somewhat prepared for GDPR

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Explore recurring themes

In this section you will find recurring themes that show trends over time.

Business outlook and financial prospects

The rise in optimism is continuing to lose momentum, which is not surprising given that it has risen for four consecutive surveys.

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Strategic opportunities

In recent surveys we have noted an increase in optimism, but shortages of skilled professionals remain a concern!

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Priorities and concerns

Labor constraints remain a significant risk according to the CFOs. Other than this, their responses vary across the different sectors.

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Financing and risk

The majority of Swedish CFOs do not think this is a good time to be taking on greater risk. At the same time, more think the opposite now compared to previous studies!

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